The Pyrton Field Allotments are the only survivor of nine allotments scattered around Watlington and was originally owned by the Hamersley family of Pyrton Manor. With the ending of World War 1 there was a growing need for land that could be used by families to grow enough food for themselves. The field was originally rented from the family then in the 1920s the freehold was established and controlled by the Bullingdon Rural District Council. In 1962 Watlington Parish Council took over control of the allotments which have been in existence since 1874. Out on a walk one November day we walked past the allotments a curious jumble of objects and mounds of what looked like Native American offerings caught my eye. I later discovered they were hedgehog nests made by Sally enabling them to hibernate in peace. So began a wonderful 18 months in this community, I have gathered fascinating gardening facts and encountered many interesting people who have to their great credit allowed me and my camera to invade their personal space with good grace.
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