I describe myself as a social documentary photographer who goes off piste occasionally.  I carry a camera with me everywhere, if you don't have it to hand then that is when you will see something you want to record, something beautiful, something funny or something absurd.  Recently I have enjoyed photographic projects, spending time building a photographic essay of my local area.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and gained my LRPS distinction in 2009 and my ARPS in 2012, I am a member of the Documentary group and was their DVJ photographer of 2012. From 2008 to 2012 I attended a photographic course at Missenden Abbey, The Wonderful World of Photography run by Brian Nevitt.

Georgia O'Keeffe said "Photography is able to flatter or embarrass the human ego by registering the fleeting expression of a moment". How true.